Credit: Netflix

The Gilmore Girls trailer is life, and right now, life is the Gilmore Girls trailer. What a time to be alive.

For those very excited to actually watch Lorelai drop Amy Schumer’s name, like they’re BFFs (which, they might actually happen one day), don’t hold your breath. According to a few very in the know about all things Gilmore Girls, that scene in the trailer was created just for the trailer.

Both Entertainment Weekly and TVLine have confirmed that the footage in the 90 second trailer will not make its way into any of the full 90 minute episodes.

What does this mean? Well, technically it means that now we’re getting four 90-minute episodes, PLUS A BONUS 90 SECONDS, TOO so that’s pretty cool.

All it really means is that Gilmore Girls shorrunner and creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino loves us that much, that she actually wrote additional scenes for our enjoyment. More than likely, there will still be some scene in the revival, where Lorelai and Rory sit around, and talk about pop culture, and discuss who would be friends with who. Actually, it’s pretty much a guarantee that it’s going to happen, just not in the same way we saw in the trailer.

It’s possible that ALL the Gilmore Girls trailers for the Netflix revival will be like this, and that is a-okay in our book. Do we necessarily want major things spoiled before we can a chance to live A Year in the Life ourselves? Nah. We’ll take these amazing little snippets instead, so keep them coming. Please.