Rachel Paige
Updated Dec 12, 2016 @ 1:13 pm
Credit: Netflix

Earlier this summer — long before our eyes got a glimpse of the Gilmore Girls revival, A Year in the Life — Milo Ventimiglia happened to tell a crowd that Jess “might not be Team Rory” and it was like, whoa. Hold up, stop. No, how dare you, you take that back right now. It was a lot to process, but Milo seemed to stick to his guns: We’ve spent so much time focused on “Team Jess,” we never stopped to ask if Jess is actually “Team Rory.”

WELL, since you’ve now seen the Gilmore Girls revival, you know the truth. There is no doubt that Jess is in fact, Team Rory. If you don’t think he is, just take another glance at THIS ICONIC GILMORE GIRLS MOMENT. And like, come on.

Credit: Netflix

Now that the revival is out, Milo is also willing to talk about the Jess-Rory (and the, Jess-Rory+[Logan+baby]) dynamic. Citing the current theory that Lorelai = Rory (duh) and Luke = Jess, Milo is pleased with that analogy:

Going off of that — and going off of the idea that Luke kinda did the same thing for Lorelai — Jess knows what is being set up…should Gilmore Girls return.

OMG we would watch literally a billion seasons of Jess fighting for Rory’s heart (HINT HINT, NETFLIX).