gilmore girls
Credit: Warner Bros.

Grab your wallets and purses and get your credit cards ready, friends. There’s a brand new Gilmore Girls swag box sweeping the internet, and you’re going to have to beat us to buying ALL OF THEM.

Urban Tee Farm not only has an adorable line of Gilmore Girl t-shirts that you can purchase and wear (every single day of your life), but they’ve also put together an ah-mazing “You’ve Been Gilmored” box of goodies, and it’s seriously the best present for the Gilmore Girls devotee in your life (…or for you).

There are three different box options to choose from, whether you want to go big with your Gilmore Girls swag (because, always go big or go home) or just want to gently wade in with a medium or small sized box. All three of them include at least one t-shirt, but then depending on what box size you do pick, you might get more STUFF. When asked if you want more Gilmore Girls stuff, the answer is always YES.

The box you’re going to want to buy is the BIG box, which includes not one but FOUR t-shirts (of your choice!!) along with a set of Gilmore Girls ornaments, a Gilmore Girls calendar, a Gilmore Girls pin, and a Gilmore Girls tote bag. So much yes.

The medium and small boxes then have two and one t-shirts included, respectively, and both also include the ornaments.

The price is also perfect, too, and will only set you back $94.99, $64.99, or $34.99, which is tbh kind of a steal for the goodies that will arrive to you in the mail.

]Also, just an FYI, these boxes will try to ship out before the revival’s release on November 25th, but they will definitely ship out before the holiday season. Buy a “You’ve Been Gilmored” box for EVERYONE on your shopping list.