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If we’re being honest, we’ve always wanted to visit Stars Hollow and be a real-life Gilmore girl, but the biggest pull was definitley all the town’s outrageous festivals. Now the Gilmore Girls cast is sharing which Stars Hollow festival they’d actually attend and their answers are very interesting.

We all know that Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is giving Gilmore Girls a second life, but what would it be like to go to the town and be a part of all of the festival magic the small Connecticut town was known for? According to the cast, there are a few festivals that stood out and one character wouldn’t attend any of them — we think we know exactly who this one is, but we’ll wait to put our guesses in.

Ahead of the revival, some of the Gilmore Girls cast sat down with Us Weekly and revealed once and for all, which festival would be the best, beginning with Keiko Agena’s pick of the festival surrounding the annual Stars Hollow Picnic Basket Auction.

Agena, who plays Rory Gilmore’s BFF Lane Kim is a major fan of the Season 2 tradition.

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Plus, if you’re lucky you can have two hot guys fight over you like Rory did, or in Sookie’s case get engaged!

Miss Patty’s choice has to do with the first season we’re going to see when the revival kicks off.

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While Danny Strong plays Doyle McMaster, Paris Geller’s boyfriend and a non-Stars Hollow resident he still knows which event he’d go to.

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Mike Gandolfi, who plays Andrew, the bookstore owner and frequent speaker at town meetings, pointed out an event from Season 4.

Fan favorite, Sean Gunn, who plays Kirk Gleason on the show, is also a major fan of the Festival of Living Art.

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Last but certainly not least, the character who would opt out of any and all Stars Hollow festivals if given the chance would be Michel Gerard, duh!

Oh, Michel, you silly guy.

Which Stars Hollow festival would be on your bucket list?