Rachel Paige
November 09, 2016 12:32 pm

As we gear up for the premiere of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on Netflix, you know what you’re probably missing? Gilmore Girls gear. Sure, you’ve got your coffee, your snacks, and your best buddies all around you to watch the highly-anticipated revival, but are you DRESSED for the part?

No need to wear a Chilton outfit or a flannel shirt and backwards baseball hat for the occasion. We’ve just learned that Jane.com is actually doing a H-U-G-E Gilmore Girls sale RIGHT THIS INSTANT, and you should probably go ahead and get your credit cards ready. You’re going to want to buy it all.

When it comes time to start chugging coffee, you need to be chugging it out of an adorable mug.

There are also *so many* Gilmore Girls shirts! And accompanying mugs with cute Gilmore Girls quotes on them!!

If you’d much rather wear your Gilmore Girls subtly on your sleeve, there’s a whole lot of flannel to choose from. Luke would be so proud.

The sale is currently ongoing, and will last for a few more days — and more things will be added, too! Like, you just NEED these Gilmore Girl pencils to channel your ~Inner Rory~ right? Why has no one thought to make Gilmore Girls pencils before??

Head on over to Jane.com right this very instead, and shop away friends. You totally deserve everything.