Credit: Netflix

Nine years after the original series aired, Amy Sherman-Palladino blessed us with the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix. And she revealed those legendary final four words through Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Although perhaps divisive among us Gilmore Girls fans, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sherman-Palladino sounded confident about her choice to keep the same final four words that she would have used in the original series all these years later.

Yet, if you didn’t like the final four words, you can take some comfort in the fact that the mastermind behind the Gilmore Girls admitted that if the revival had happened later, that those final four words just wouldn’t have worked.

Warning: Spoilers for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life follow.

Whether you loved the final four words of the Gilmore Girls revival or were feeling less than impressed like Emily Gilmore actress Kelly Bishop about them (guilty as charged), Sherman-Palladino is happy with how she ended A Year in the Life. But if the revival had taken longer to come back, she probably would have changed up her ending. As Sherman-Palladino told THR:

A LITTLE ridiculous?! Considering we thought it was fairly ridiculous NOW, it would have been a LOT OF ridiculous if Rory had found out she was accidentally pregnant at age 41.

Sherman-Palladino noted that younger people take longer to grow up nowadays and that it was believable for Rory to be struggling to find her way in the revival. And we gotta admit that’s valid — after all, “adulting” was considered for the 2016 Word of the Year. So Sherman-Palladino thought that the ending still “felt right” for Rory.

However, fans have astutely noted that what those final four words mean for the future of the Gilmore girls would have been totally different if Rory had been pregnant at the end of the original Season 7.

Sherman-Palladino and her husband Daniel Palladino told THR they would have used the same final words if they had been running the series when it ended in Season 7 — with Rory at age 22 or 23. However, Sherman-Palladino thinks the ending works BETTER in 2016.

While we always knew Rory and Lorelai were super similar, the ending with Rory telling her mom she is pregnant linked their lives on a whole new level. And even if we don’t necessarily love that ending for Rory Gilmore, it’s obviously what the creator wanted — and how do you argue with that?