Credit: Netflix

Alert, alert: Netflix has just released three new Gilmore Girls posters, and not only are Lorelai and Rory front and center, but so are Emily and Luke!!

With only one month to go before the Gilmore Girls revival, A Year in the Life, lands on Netflix, today is going to be the day of Gilmore Girls goodies — and goodies that just keep giving. There’s a full length trailer (which is 💯), and now, there are some new posters, too. So go ahead and clear off a space on your most favorite wall (in your home or office, or maybe both) because you’re going to want to hang these beauties up and stare at them all day long.

Once again, we’re treated to an absolutely precious picture of Lorelai and Rory, being all cute and mother-daughter-y together, and our hearts are so full right now.

Credit: Netflix

But now the main event here is most certainly Emily, being Peak Emily, lounging in one of her favorite chairs, dressed to the 9’s (as always) and nursing a glass of wine. Raise your hand if you want to grow up and be just like Emily Gilmore one day 👋.

Credit: Netflix

And now, for the lone Gilmore Guy: the one, the only Luke Danes. He has clearly come prepared, because he’s got a full pot of coffee just ready to go.

Credit: Netflix

Oh gosh, we love these so *so* much. Is it November 25th yet?? And that’s something we’re going to say every day between now…and November 25th.