Gilmore Girls
Credit: Warner Bros.

Emily and Richard Gilmore were arguably the heart of Gilmore Girls. They were everything from antagonists to cheerleaders for Lorelai and Rory and often added an additional layer of complexity to the beloved WB series. After Edward Herrmann, who played Richard, passed away in 2014 and news of a revival broke, we wondered how the Netflix revival would pay homage to the iconic character.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life payed an incredible respect to the character and the actor who portrayed him in a series-long arc on grief. Since the show is still Gilmore Girls, the series also included some amazing and hilarious callbacks to Richard and Emily’s relationship.

Now, the series just posted a prop from the revival to Instagram and it has us both laughing and crying:

Longtime Gilmore Girls fans know that Richard had a pretty serious heart attack in Season 7 and in response, Emily decided that the duo were going to make some lifestyle changes, which probably included dieting and exercise. Anybody who has ever tried to diet knows how hard it is to cut out cheese so we can ~totally~ hear Richard begging Emily to allow him to eat cheese.

The Instagram post just reminds us how amazing of a character he was, both in his complexity and his occasional bouts of warmth towards his daughter. We loved how the Netflix revival honored both Herrmann and Richard and we hope that a possible second season continues to include little moments and props like the chalkboard.

Now we have to go re-watch every season of Gilmore Girls to remind us of how downright amazing it truly is.