Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls
| Credit: Saeed Adyani/Netflix

In THREE SHORT WEEKS, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will be a real thing we can put our eyes on, and everything about this year of our lives will be absolutely glorious. The Netflix revival is only 21 days away, so prepare for a sudden influx of so many Gilmore Girls things — and yes, even more Gilmore Girls things than there were before.

In a brand new spread in Vanity Fair Italy, they drop on us not only a brand new picture — shoutout, Rory and Lane, together again and BFFs for life! — but there’s also a behind-the-scenes picture of Rory and Lorelai hanging by the pool…

And one of Lorelai and Luke at Friday Night Dinner.

With the new pictures, there’s also an accompanying article. And thankfully, people on the internet are very nice, and someone kindly translated it all from Italian into English so we can enjoy it, too!

There isn’t much of any new information dropped in the article, so let’s instead focus all our attention on Lorelai and Luke at dinner. What is Luke holding?? It looks like a piece of paper (or…a cigar?) and from Lorelai’s expression, she is not too thrilled to be seeing it. It looks like Lorelai herself has a whole lot of questions about whatever’s in Luke’s hand.

…And obviously, we’re all now thinking about babies and Lorelai and Luke having a baby, and it’s very doubtful this right here is a pregnancy test. There’s no way in hell Lorelai would take a pregnancy test at her parent’s house during Friday Night Dinner. Been there, done that, you know?

So what is this ~mysterious~ item, and Lorelai’s shocking facial expression that goes along with it? 21 days till be find out!