Gilmore Girls
Credit: Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Are you aware that there’s a Gilmore Girls character who has been discussed and referenced on the show, but we’ve never actually seen them? Yes, we’re talking about the ~mysterious~ Mr. Kim, Lane’s dad. He’s been mentioned before in conversation, and Lane will oftentimes refer to her “parents,” however, he’s never shown his face in Stars Hollow. So where is Mr. Kim? What is he doing? And more importantly, is he showing up for A Year in the Life?

During the Gilmore Girls Fan Festival last weekend in Washington Depot, Connecticut (home of the IRL Stars Hollow), the on-screen absence of Mr. Kim was brought up maaaaany times. Each time, the question was kinda skirted around, rather than addressed head-on. Hey, if Mr. Kim isn’t going to show up, it’s okay to go ahead and say Mr. Kim isn’t going to show up.

At the Gilmore Girls cast panel, Keiko Agena was directly asked about Mr. Kim. She didn’t exactly answer:

During the crew panel, it was jokingly stated that there’s actually a Gilmore Girls spin-off just about Mr. Kim.

From the balcony above the panel, Keiko popped her head out and waved, still once again, not exactly saying YES OR NO to the existence of Mr. Kim.

So where is he? Considering he’s still being discussed — and joked — about, it seems like November 25th would be a perfect time to introduce him to the world.

And if not that, we will gladly accept that Mr. Kim spinoff.