Rachel Paige
November 21, 2016 1:19 pm
Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Hi 👋. My name is Rachel, and I’ve been writing about Gilmore Girls for like, idk, 11 months straight now. It’s been fun, because I love Gilmore Girls. The only thing I do not love is the fact that the show took place in the mid-2000s, before there were lots and lots of ~high res~ television show pictures out there, and mid-2000s was waaaaay before the invention of GIFs. I’m just going to say it, finding the perfect Gilmore Girls picture for the last 11 months has been a #struggle.


In an absolutely beautiful three-way partnership between Gilmore Girls, Netflix, and Giphy, there are now A BILLION Gilmore Girls GIFs on the web, and I’ve never been so happy in my entire life (mostly because WHERE has this been all my life?).


Literally, every single moment from every single Gilmore Girls episode is now online for your everyday use. If you want to search by characters, you can. Haven’t you always needed a go-to place for Jess GIFs?


The GIFs are also divided up by SEASONS, so if you just want a lot of GIFs from the 24-hour dance marathon, that’s a thing, too.


Something makes me think this was one of Kirk’s ~big ideas~ and the town laughed at him, then everyone else realized that it was actually the best idea ever.

Head on over to Giphy right this instant and bask in the Gilmore Girls .gif glory.