Credit: Netflix

When you think of things that need to go “faster” and 100% more “furious” you probably thin of Vin Diesel and cars, because come on. That’s just where your mind goes. But after November 25th, when you start thinking about an intense need for speed, you are going to find yourself thinking of Lorelai and her Jeep.

Be honest, Lorelai has always been your ride or die.

Along with the brand new trailer for Gilmore Girls that just dropped (and if you haven’t watched it yet, feel free to check it out a million times right here), Netflix also released a length press release about what we can expect from A Year in the Life. According to Scott Patterson, it sounds like the Gilmore girls will certainly be racing when they talk.

Thankfully for Luke, Lorelai IS actually his ride or die.

“Shooting with Lauren [Graham] is just easy, a wonderful workflow. We didn’t have to spend any time trying to reconnect or ‘Oh, gosh, how are we going to do this?’ It was just like [snaps his fingers] right off the bat.”

So go ahead, and buckle in. It sounds like A Year in the Life is going to be 2 fast 2 Gilmore.