Gilmore Girls
Credit: Warner Bros.

Pull out your credit cards, because you’ve got something else you’re going to want to add to your ever-growing Gilmore Girls collection: eyeshadow.

Because there’s Gilmore Girls lip balm, and Gilmore Girls nail polish, along with Gilmore Girls soaps, and t-shirts, and coffee, it feels like it’s about time that someone went ahead and made actual Gilmore Girls makeup. This collection is something that both Lorelai and Rory will fight over.

Brija Cosmetics has released a line of 17 different eyeshadow colors, all which correspond to 17 of our favorite Gilmore Girls characters, and we didn’t know we needed this SO BAD until right now. The eyeshadow is all matte, and even better, 100% vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, dye-free, and we seriously can’t get our credit cards out fast enough for this.

You can buy the eyeshadow all together (for a cool $98.50), or you can pick and choose which ones you want and grab them in a “sample baggie” size ($1.45), or a mini ($2.75) or full ($5.50) jar.

All the colors are gorgeous, and also themed to their respective Gilmore Girls character.

Credit: Brija Cosmetics

A Film by Kirk” is semi-sheer white for Kirk, “Hit By A Deer” is a light baby pink for Rory obviously, and “Vicious Trollop” is a light mauve for Emily.

Credit: Brija Cosmetics

And because you need to know these, too: Dean’s is “First Kiss” and a warm red brown; Jess is a rich dark brown with “Notes in the Margin;” and Logan is “Live for a Minute” and a cool grey.

If you need these in your life, you better act fast. The whole collection in sample baggie sizes is already SOLD OUT, and the others are bound to sell out faster than you can say “oy with the poodles already.”