Rachel Paige
Updated Nov 25, 2016 @ 12:32 am
gilmore girls
Credit: Netflix

Him? Yes, him. Current day, Rory has not given her heart to Team Dean, Team Jess, or Team Logan, but rather a guy named Paul. Ummmm, a forgettable guy named Paul, because even Rory can’t seem to remember that she’s been dating him — and dating him for two years. It’s a great, long-running joke that continues throughout the first episode of A Year in the Life, “Winter.” The Paul-thing is highly reminiscent of another long-running joke from another canceled-show-that-Netflix-brought-back-to-life, Arrested Development.

Don’t way to say it, but let’s just go ahead and say it: Paul is the new Ann.

Credit: Netflix, Fox

In case you’ve forgotten Ann (it’s okay if you have), she is George-Michael’s girlfriend during the run of Arrested Development, and she is, well, described as a very plain girl. She’s so plain, 90% of the time the Bluth family forgets about her, even after they’ve let her into the Model Home. Whenever she is brought up, the Bluth family’s go-to response is just, “her?”

Now, that’s happening with poor, sweet Paul. The whole Gilmore family, Luke included, can’t help but he like, “him?” He shows up at the house for dinner, and gives Luke a wrench. Luke is like, “um, thank you?” But also Luke is like, “WTF?” He can’t recall any conversation between him and Paul about a wrench, but Paul insists that it happened, and now Paul has now given him a wrench and… ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

There’s also the moment where Rory just straight up leaves him behind while she’s at Luke’s Diner. Not as bad as the Bluth family leaving Ann behind in Mexico, BUT STILL.

Credit: Netflix

There’s actually another great reason Paul, Gilmore Girls, and Arrested Development go hand in hand, and it’s the fact that Paul is actually based off of Michael Cera. YES. When the casting notice for Paul came out in January of this year, he was described as a “Michael Cera type [who is] ‘a good boyfriend.'”

Don’t worry, Paul. You might not be the most memorable person to the Gilmore girls, but you’re quickly becoming one of the most memorable Gilmore Girls characters.