Credit: Funko, Netflix

It is time to crack open that piggybank, friends, because those pennies you’ve been holding onto for something ~really special~ can finally be put to good use: The Gilmore Girls Pop! Funkos are here and they are goddamn GLORIOUS.

A few weeks ago we reported that the Gilmore Girls Pop!s were coming, and we had zero chill about it, and now they’re finally here, and we still have zero chill. Earlier today Funko unveiled their newest pop culture figurines, and the collection includes:

Rory, in her Chilton outfit

Credit: Funko

Lorelei, with a lil’ Luke’s Diner coffee cup (typical)

Credit: Funko

And Sookie, right out of the kitchen

Credit: Funko

If you’re frantically trying to find your credit card right now to completely max it out with these girls, hold up one sec. The Pop!s aren’t available just yet, but they will be SOON — specifically, sometime in December. Hey, considering we’ve been waiting nine YEARS for more Gilmore Girls in our life, we can wait a few more weeks for some Gilmore Girls action figures.

Right now, the collection only includes these three characters, but there’s always the hope that more will become available in the future (Jess, Jess, Jess!!). You can check out the full Funko announcement here. Get ready to buy one, or 15, for yourself. And also probably everyone you know, too.