Candice Darden
August 17, 2016 4:14 pm

This summer’s Netflix smash hit Stranger Things has gathered a cult following in a record amount of time. And for good reason – between the nostalgic throwbacks, masterful casting, epic sci-fi twists and turns, and the ’80s captured in HD, there’s a lot to love. If Stranger Things has become your new obsession or has captured the attention of someone close to you, one of these gifts is sure to appease… or at least tide you over until Season 2.

1. This quintessential coffee travel mug

DoraJeanBoutique / Etsy

Channel your inner Hopper for $16.50.

2. This Dungeons & Dragons inspired poster

Laurie Greasley / Society6

Hang it in your room, locker, or game room in a variety of sizes. Available from $16- $56.

3. This full week planner stickers kit

StickNAround / Etsy

Make planning for your week fun with this set of Stranger Things stickers for $9.00.

4. This “Friends Don’t Lie” pouch

FrenchTeease / Etsy

Leggo my Eggo here for $14.92.

5. This authentic Hawkins Middle School T-Shirt

CaseysQualityPrints / Etsy

The ultimate subtle fan tee – also perfect for a Halloween costume. Get it here for $16.99.

6. This epic Eleven prayer candle

PurgatoryPenPals / Etsy

Honor the Patron Saint of Telekinesis here for $12.99.

7. This throwback mix tape tote bag.

FrenchTeease / Etsy

Don’t miss the reference to Will: Should I stay or should I go?/RUN. Get it here for $11.45.

8. The perfect decal for displaying your Stranger Things love


For your laptop, your car, or notebook- get it here for $9.00.

9. This minimalist button set

starstruckmetal / Etsy

Decorate your bag, jacket, or anything you see fit with this unique button set for $1.67 and up.

10. This classic t-shirt

DisobedientAvocado / Etsy

Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Eleven, oh my! Get it here for $25.00.

11. This pretty… pretty good card

AspenVanHooser / Etsy

Order your declaration of love for $4.00.

12. This print for cat lovers AND Stranger Things fans

KittyCassandra / Etsy

Get this purrrfect print for $20.00.

13. This magnet set

Dora Jean Boutique / Etsy

Display the gang on your fridge or any magnetic surface for $12.50.

14. This handmade “Mouth Breather” cross-stitch

misfitXthreads / Etsy

Purchase this one-of-a-kind cross stitch here for $40.00.

15. This ADORABLE Eleven and E.T. print

laurengregg / Etsy

Eeek! These two in their matching wigs are pure cuteness – get it here for $16.00.

16. Alphabet Lights Enamel Pin

theexplodingawesome / Etsy

Get festive with Joyce’s method of channeling Will here for $12.00.

17. This Rubix Cube phone case

FrenchTeease / Etsy

Adorn your phone with this vintage-style case for $23.02.

18. These Adorkable glossy Stranger Things stickers

AdorkableStickers / Etsy

Decorate your binder or notebook with the cutest stickers this side of the Upside Down – get them here for $2.00 a sheet.

19. This Stranger Things logo baseball cap

inkedupmerch / Etsy

Ride around on your bike in style and keep the sun out of your eyes with this cap for $20.00.

20. This Where The Sidewalk Ends/Stranger Things mashup digital print

charamath / Etsy

Get this ultra creative digital print here for $5.00.

21. This subtle way to display your Eleven love.

MaryHannahLittleLamb / Etsy

Rep your love for the girl with superpowers here for $28.00.

21. This t-shirt that’s asking the real question

PopPastiche / Etsy

Where art thou, Barb? Forget about Bob – buy your Barb tee here for $28.00.

22. The perfect notebook for keeping track of your D&D campaign.

djtenebrae / RedBubble

Get it here for $12.00 – and may the odds of escape be ever in your favor.

23. This “Why are you keeping this curiosity door locked?” keychain

emerydrive / Etsy

Display Dustin’s unforgettable line here for $12.50.

24. The print that we really wish was an actual game

stacyswirl / Etsy

Get this hand-pulled silkscreen print here for $20.00.

25. The Stranger Things official soundtrack

Kyle Dixon / Amoeba music

Buy it here for $16.98. You can also listen to the soundtrack on Spotify.

Now go forth and show your fan love!

redcowtees / RedBubble