C. Molly Smith
Updated Sep 14, 2017 @ 5:26 pm

In Ghosted, Adam Scott plays Max, a big-time believer in all things paranormal. And Craig Robinson plays Max’s polar opposite, Leroy, a skeptic who questions all of that.

As the saying goes: opposites attract. And soon, the two join forces and fight the supernatural as part of a secret government agency called The Bureau Underground.

In real life, Scott and Robinson also hold opposite beliefs about ghosts, aliens, etc. — but reversed.

For Scott, playing a believer was especially fun because he doesn’t believe in any of that personally.

But how is he so sure? “My dad’s a scientist so I grew up in a household where…everything can be explained,” he continued. “And also, just pure logic. If there’s such thing as ghosts or aliens, I feel like we would probably know by now and it would be ingrained and marinated into our culture to the point where it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.”

Robinson has, similarly, really enjoyed his role on Ghosted.

And he believes that there has to be something out there. “There’s no way we’re not alone,” he said. “I bet there’s ghosts floating around here right now.” Apparently he’s had paranormal experiences too, but he didn’t care to share. “That happened. It’s out there. Let me just leave it alone.”

He did, however, share that he’s had some eerie experiences while filming Ghosted. “There are moments on the show that are legit scary. We’re shooting in the woods and stuff like that — different times, different places. Things happen and it’s like, ‘Whoa, it’s mad spooky.’ But the experiences I’ve had weren’t bad.” *Phew!*

Ghosted premieres on Fox on October 1st.