As it has already been established, we are not allowed to have nice things in Westeros. This is why so many of our most favorite, precious things are viciously ripped away from us, and if I were to list them off right now we would be here all night, and by the end, we’d all be sobbing hysterically. Whoever and whatever you love always DIES on Game of Thrones — and literally no one is safe, not even Jon Snow. Sure, he might be King of the North right now, but he was very dead for like three episodes.

In saying all of this, I have started mentally preparing myself for the fact that dear, sweet Gendry is going to be taken from this world far too soon. It’s going to happen. He is going to die, and I am going to be so upset.

Over the last few days, you’ve probably been seeing a lot of the name “Gendry” all across the internet, and with good reason. He is a long-lost Game of Thrones character who finally rowed back into our lives. He’s been MIA since the end of Season 3, when Ser Davos put him in a rowboat — to save him from being sacrificed to the Lord of Light — and basically told him to GTFO. For the last four seasons, there have been many jokes about Gendry, still rowin’, and now he’s finally back. Ser Davos found him in Flea Bottom, King’s Landing, population: Gendry and his giant Baratheon hammer.

Credit: HBO

Davos took him from Flea Bottom, and brought him before Mr. Jon Snow. Davos was like, “Don’t tell Jon who you really are because Jon is super stressed!” and Gendry was immediately like, “Yo, bro, I am the bastard son of King Robert Baratheon, and our dads were friends, and even though I am not a fighter, I have this giant hammer and I can’t sit back and watch this war happen, I’m here to fight.” Gendry, boldly, decided to follow Jon and the rest of his ragtag troop of merry men beyond the Wall to capture a wight and bring it before Cersei, because YES, that’s a great idea. (No, it is not a great idea.)

But already, I digress.

Gendry is totally going to die. There is no way he is going to see it to the end of this War. He might not even see it beyond the Wall again. And, just, ugh.

Credit: HBO

Meanwhile, Littlefinger will probably out live us all.

The reason Gendry is doomed is simple: Keeping him around is too much of a happy ending, and that is something Game of Thrones is allergic to. Because, picture this — Gendry helps the King of the North save the day as a bastard son of a fallen king. He returns back to Winterfell, where he meets up with his LADY, Arya, and the two of them are able to join their families once and for all — House Baratheon and House Stark, together forever. Bonus: House Baratheon is no longer extinct! The two of them symbolize what can come out of the awfulness of the Westeros war, and grow old together, surrounded by direwolf pups. It’s too perfect.

Also, as a few cast members have pointed out, Game of Thrones is slowly picking off characters — not because they can, but this time, because they need to. The show is winding down and they’re not going to start introducing brand new characters, when the ones we care about so much — and have loved for seven seasons — continue to remain in PERIL. With literally only eight episodes left of the series forever, we are, sadly, not going to get a Gendry bottle episode.

And that’s a shame.

With the likes of Jon, Sany, Sansa, Arya, Tyrion, Jaime, Cersei still out there and alive in Westeros, we just don’t have time for Gendry, and that means he has to die, and I am so, so upset about it already.