Warning: The following post contains spoilers for the season finale of Game of Thrones, “The Dragon and The Wolf.” If you haven’t seen the episode yet, we suggest you stop what you’re doing and watch it immediately.

For seven seasons, every character on Game of Thrones has, at one point or another, made a comment about The Wall being an impenetrable force, so it should come to the surprise of *nobody* that in the final moments of the finale of the penultimate season, The Wall came tumbling down. Of course, in a season ALL about the impending war between the living and the army of the dead, we couldn’t not check back in on the White Walkers one last time. Since the majority of the episode took place far south of The Wall, and we sat basking in the glory of the Sansa/Arya (okay, and Bran) takedown of Littlefinger, we almost surprised by the reminder that The Great War is still coming, which, to be fair, was *still* the main plot of the episode.

Seventy-five minutes into the episode, we check in on our old friends Tormund and Beric Dondarrion, who had joined the line of defense at The Wall. They may be outsiders at The Wall, but they’re besties with Jon Snow, so it pretty much means they’re badass wherever they go. No sooner do they remark about the height of the wall than the army of the dead emerge from the woods and a zombie Viserion — ridden by the Night King — shoots blue fire (???) at the monument, which immediately gives out.

Credit: HBO

First things first, zombie Viserion breathes a *stunning* shade of blue, and I want nail polish in that color, stat. But let’s get to the issue at hand: Tormund and Beric are currently atop the wall? Ummm, EXCUSE ME? Did Tormund and Beric just DIE?

You’re telling me Tormund survived THIS:

Credit: HBO

…only to get toppled off The Wall like he’s Humpty Dumpty?

And Beric — we spend how many seasons learning about his inability to die until he completes his extra-special mission from the Lord of Light, only to have him die in the episode after his BFF red priest? Well, then what was the mission? Outliving Thoros? Being semi-relevant the entire series?

When we last saw Tormund and Beric, they were saying a swift no thank you to zombie Viserion and the army of the dead and getting the hell out of dodge. But unfortunately, you can’t outrun a zombie dragon breathing fire — especially when you’re on the top of a thousand-foot (okay, 700-foot) wall. It seems Tormund came to that realization *just* before The Wall gave out.

Credit: HBO

Naturally, we’re freaking out about Tormund’s impending doom, but luckily we’re not alone:

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This *may* be wishful thinking — especially considering the drop and, you know, the thousands of soldiers from the army of the dead — but maybe they survive. Sure, it could be implied that the crumbling wall killed them, but this *is* Game of Thrones, and “no body, no death” has been a pretty important recurring thing.

Plus, someone has to tell Jon that Viserion is, in fact, a White Walker dragon and The Wall has been breached. This is pure conjecture, but we’re hoping that in the Season 8 premiere, Tormund is going to emerge from the icy Wall rubble and Gendry will run to Winterfell to warn his BFF Jon about the White Walkers — and then reunite with Brienne.

Now, all we can do is wait in a blind panic that our beloved wildling will be back next season.