Rachel Paige
Updated Jun 01, 2016 @ 2:42 pm
Credit: HBO

Let’s talk about foreshadowing for a second. It’s a literary device that a writer will use to kinda subtly ~hint~ at what’s yet to come up in their story. Sometimes you pick up on foreshadowing, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you won’t realize it until the third or fourth time you’ve watched an episode of Game of Thrones.

Friends, Jon Snow might have just dropped a HUGE foreshadowing hint, and we are W-O-R-R-I-E-D.

One episode ago, “The Door,” Jon and his band of merry men (and Sansa and Brienne) left Castle Black. Before they did, Jon — JOKINGLY — said to Edd, “Don’t knock it down,” referring to the Wall, duh, and we were all like lol Jon Snow came back from the dead and now he makes #jokes!!

Credit: HBO/HelloGiggles

Now let’s jump forward to “Blood of My Blood,” where Bran (beyond the Wall) is reunited with his long-lost uncle, Benjen. Benjen is like “It’s great to see you, kid, but now you have to go back to Castle Black, because the Night’s King is coming for you.”

If Bran goes to the other side of the Wall, there’s a HIGH CHANCE that the Night’s King will follow, because Bran has been marked. And wellllllllllllll, that Wall, you guys. What happens if it actually falls down?

Currently, there are not NEARLY enough men at Castle Black to defend against anything (and then Jon had to go and have half a dozen of them killed, too). When Bran returns back to the North, the white walkers are coming. All along we’ve been told that fire (or dragonglass) can destroy them, but remember when the Night’s King just WALKED THROUGH THE FLAMES, like NBD?

Credit: HBO

Cool, the Night’s King isn’t afraid of fire. Now could they possibly USE fire? Could they use fire and actually BURN DOWN THE WALL?

(Somewhere off in the distance, the Mad King yells “Burn them all!!”)

It’s not that crazy. The wall is made out of ice and ~magic~ the ~magic~ coming from the Children of the Forest, who are now all presumed dead. Their magic isn’t going to stop the Night’s King, anyway, since Bran is marked.

Bran HAS to return back to Castle Black, and the Night’s King is going to follow, one way or another. He is getting through that Wall. We should all be very worried.

This is what you get when you come back from the dead and crack silly jokes, JON SNOW.