In the Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones, Cersei agreed to a temporary truce with Dany and Jon, pledging that not only would she help in the fight against the dead, but also that she wouldn’t move in on any of their territories during that fight.

Cersei being Cersei, that was a bald-faced lie.

She just told Dany and Jon what they wanted to hear so she could scheme to keep House Lannister going strong.

Jaime wisely pointed out that, in the end, they’ll be screwed. If the undead win, it won’t be long before they head to King’s Landing. And if the living win, they’ll surely confront the Lannisters for breaking their promise. Cersei wasn’t too concerned about the latter because they already have a bone to pick with her. But from what Reddit user cake_flattener1 theorizes, she should be concerned about the prior. Like, right now.

It’s pretty simple, really: The Night King has Viserion, now an undead ice dragon, on his side.

We’ve all seen how quickly Dany (and others) traveled this season, so the same should go for the Night King. But more than getting around in no time, he can also create a ton of Wights at once, if he so pleases (and let’s face it, he does).

“The Night King can now fly anywhere in Westeros relatively quickly,” cake_flattener1 continues. “And he can raise the dead. Not only is this a place where people don’t burn the dead, but due to the recent wars ravaging Westeros, there are plenty of corpses lying about or in mass graves.”

If that happens, Game of Thrones Season 8 will get really, really ugly — really, really quickly.

“If the Night King takes off on a grand tour, the entire continent will be facing a zombie apocalypse overnight,” cake_flattener1 concludes. “Cersei thinks she can quietly rebuild her power while the fighting happens elsewhere? Wrong. Dany thinks her armies can march up the Kingsroad untroubled? Wrong. Euron thinks the Iron Islands (or even Essos?) are a safe haven? Wrong.”

Who knows how exactly this will all pan out in Game of Thrones Season 8. We’re guessing however the drama unfolds, Cersei will have another thing coming to her.