C. Molly Smith
August 28, 2017 2:19 pm

Spoilers from the Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones lie ahead, but you already knew that…

Game of Thrones Season 7 has been all about reunions, and its finale brought a whole lot more on the Tyrion front. Four very significant ones to be exact, which happened when Tyrion and #TeamDany ventured to King’s Landing to discuss the threat of the Army of the Dead with #TeamCersei.


Let’s start with what was, perhaps, the cutest reunion: the reunion between Tyrion and his former squire, Podrick, who saved Tyrion’s life in the Battle of Blackwater Bay. “Pleasant surprise in an unpleasant situation,” Tyrion says, to which Pod responds, “I never thought I’d see you again, my Lord.”

Pod then said it’s hard to blame Tyrion for supporting Dany and that he’s glad to see Tyrion alive. Seeing how far Pod has come since he worked for Tyrion, something which Tyrion certainly is aware of as well, was just too sweet. That is, even if it was cut short by a crude remark from Bronn. Good ‘ol Bronn.


Speaking of Tyrion’s friend and former bodyguard…Tyrion tried to get Bronn to reconsider his allegiances. “Remember my offer,” Tyrion said, “whatever they’re paying you, I’ll pay double.” Bronn basically says he’s good and that he’s looking out for himself. Tyrion questions that, because he arranged this meeting between Cersei, her #SQUAD, and those whom she considers to be traitors.

But Bronn says he’s not putting himself at risk. He’s putting Tyrion at risk, one of those traitors. “If that’s not looking after myself, I don’t know what is,” Bronn concludes. But their reunion was far from business alone, as Tyrion soon followed with: “It’s good to see you again.” Bronn responded, “Yeah, you too.” How Bronnmantic.

The Bronnmantic moment was made all the better because the two were supposed to share the screen when first attempting to set up this meeting about the Wights/White Walkers, but that was cut. Here, we get that long-awaited onscreen reunion.


Tyrion’s brother Jaime was at that initial meeting, but that didn’t take anything away from seeing the pair together again. They came face to face once more in the dragon pit when Dany, Jon, and company tried to convince Cersei of the threat of the Night King. And they met again when Tyrion waited to talk to Cersei after she declined to help with the Great War.

Jaime had just talked to Cersei, and tells Tyrion that their sister thinks he was an idiot to trust him. “I’m about to step into a room with the most murderous woman in the world, who’s already tried to kill me twice…that I know of,” Tyrion responds. “Who’s an idiot?” So Jaime suggests they say goodbye to each other, one idiot to another.

Turns out, that goodbye wasn’t needed because Tyrion made it out alive. But we’ll take a nice Tyrion-Jaime moment whenever we can.


Now, for the most significant reunion: Tyrion and Cersei. The pair have long despised one another, and that didn’t let up when they met alone. Cersei was hella mad about Tyrion killing their father, Tywin, because it left the Lannisters open, in effect leading to Myrcella’s murder and Tommen’s suicide. Tyrion explains that he never wanted to ruin the family, and that he’s so sorry about Cersei’s children.

He even challenges Cersei to put an end to him, but she can’t do it. (That’s pretty sweet, right? At least for Cersei.) Tyrion then explains why he supports Dany, and says Dany picked him as Hand to check her worst impulses. Cersei responds by saying that she doesn’t care about checking her worst impulses. With a hand on her belly, she explains that she only cares about protecting her loved ones. And that’s when Tyrion asks if she’s pregnant.


That, obviously, remains to be seen — and won’t be seen until Game of Thrones returns with Season 8 forever from now. (I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying.)

The reunions with Pod, Bronn, and Jaime all seem pretty harmless. Bronn’s loyalty seems to go wherever is best for him at the time, and Jaime just broke up with Cersei, so perhaps their loyalty could eventually align with Tyrion — but that wouldn’t come as a direct result of these reunions.

But if you’re of the belief that maybe, just maybe, Tyrion did something deceitful in what we didn’t see in that solo meeting with Cersei, then this particular reunion could be pretty huge. We’re so scared to find out if that’s true, we’re almost glad we have to wait for forever to find out — you know, to mentally prepare.