Rachel Paige
Updated Mar 30, 2017 @ 2:47 pm
Credit: HBO

Leave it to Game of Thrones to make people walking towards chairs hella exciting. The first GoT trailer for Season 7 is here, and while it shows us literally no action whatsoever, it gives us as a taste as to what three of our faves are up to. And in short, it involves chairs!!

But these are cool chairs, like the Iron Throne (naturally), some sort of stone throne (DRAGONSTONE?), and a wooden chair that Jon Snow isn’t quite sure he wants to claim as his own.

Credit: HBO

The trailer clearly sets up the three major players vying for power, and control of Westeros: Cersei, Daenerys, and our favorite not-dead dude, Jon Snow. It’s also interesting to see how they react to these chairs. Cersei is clearly like YAS ALL MINE, while Dany offers us knowing look of power — she KNOWS she’s not on the throne (yet), but man, is she strong.

And then there’s Jon who is just like, “ugh, this again?” false

While it’s certainly going to be all fun and games as these three battle it out, there’s an even larger looming threat. At the very end of the trailer, we see a fourth person who is going to threaten absolutely everyone: The Night King. Have you forgotten that winter is coming?

Credit: HBO

Breathe your own icy sigh of relief, July 7th and the epic return of Game of Thrones will be here before you know it.