Rachel Paige
August 28, 2017 11:29 am

There are spoilers ahead for the Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones“The Dragon and the Wolf.” If you haven’t watched it yet, you probably should. But then again, considering that Game of Thrones might not return until 2019, you’ve got plenty of time to catch up.

As you know, this season of Game of Thrones was a shortened season, clocking in at seven episodes instead of 10. Next season will be even shorter, with only six episodes. Yes, we’re being robbed of precious Westeros time, and there’s nothing we can do about it. This season — and probably, next — will feature an accelerated pace, and that means storylines are quickly wrapped up, and unneeded characters are killed off-screen.

And then there’s Theon, who’s going to go on an ADVENTURE!

Now, listen. Theon (or, Reek, your choice) has been around since the very beginning of the show, but he has never been a main character. He’s never been an Iron Throne contender, and thus, has mostly wound up on the plot back burner (aside from that time he completely redeemed himself and saved Sansa). Toward the end of “The Dragon and the Wolf,” Jon Snow seemed to forgive him for all past transgressions, and then gave Theon the nudge he needed to go out there and save his sister, Yara, from the clutches of their evil H&M-wearing uncle, Euron.

This is cool, and all, and it’s nice to see Theon sticking up for himself and trying to save Yara but like…Jon Snow himself still doesn’t know his true parentage. With only six episodes left E-V-E-R, Game of Thrones really has to pick and choose its plot lines. Maybe Theon’s Big Adventure isn’t one of them.

Twitter agrees.

But hey, you know what, as long as Theon successfully rescues Yara, all’s well that ends well at the Iron Islands.