Game of Thrones may be gone forever for at least the next year or so, but thankfully we can relish in the stunning spectacle that was the seventh season of the hit HBO series. The show’s seven-part series, The Game Revealed, gives a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the most recent season, complete with cast interviews and a glimpse at what goes into the making of it all.

The second episode delves into the “BOSS LADIES” of Westeros.

Credit: HBO

While the Season 7 premiere showed Daenerys Targaryen and her crew as they arrived at Dragonstone, the second episode “Stormborn” followed Dany and Tyrion as they got the ball rolling on their ill-fated alliance with Lady Tyrell, Yara and Theon Greyjoy, and Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes.

The beautiful, female-led alliance, didn’t last very long.

Yara, Ellaria, and the Sand Snakes were all captured or killed by Euron Greyjoy and his fleet, and Olenna Tyrell met the most badass end in all of television after Highgarden was sacked by Jaime Lannister. Though brief, that female-led alliance was definitely one of our favorite parts of the series, especially considering that the series has shown a lot of men making terrible decisions over the years.

While it certainly took a bit of time for the women of Game of Thrones to *truly* take charge, we loved watching Dany and her council plan on taking back the Iron Throne.

“Dame Diana [Rigg] telling me to be a dragon, I was like, ‘banked,'” Emilia Clarke joked. “I’m going to wake up some mornings and just tell myself that.”

The episode also delves into the remaking of the Dragonstone map room, which was once inhabited by Stannis Baratheon. Not to mention, Qyburn’s dragon-slaying weapon, the attack on the Iron Fleet, and that greyscale scene.

“The Game Revealed: Episode 2” is available to those with an HBO subscription.