It may technically be summer time in the real world, but winter has definitely come to Westeros. Just one look at HBO’s first poster for Game of Thrones Season 7 will, appropriately, send chills down your spine.

The poster was released along with the official trailer for the new Game of Thrones season.

Both are equally intense, though we’d expect nothing less from the adrenaline-inducing series. And HBO and company aren’t holding anything back as they slowly release more and more teasers for the upcoming season. Seeing Daenerys ride a powerful dragon in the middle of battle already had us running hot, but this poster is making us freeze up, with its goosebumps-inducing stare from the otherworldly Night King.

There’s also an animated version of the poster, and in typical Game of Thrones fashion, there’s a hint of something more if you look closely…Oh, what’s that? Our beloved Jon Snow is front and center in the Night King’s vision?!

Here’s a spooky close-up from the “hero himself.”

Jon and the Night King have, of course, met before. Jon battled the infamous army of the dead in Season 5 and saw the incredible power and terror the White Walkers wield. Even more alarmingly, he saw the Night King effortlessly revive the fallen soldiers after the battle and add them to his ever-growing numbers.

In effect, Jon seems to be the only leader who truly understands the power and threat of the White Walkers.

But, no matter who you want to see sitting on the Iron Throne, none of it really matters if the Night King and his undead blue-eyed cronies march into King’s Landing.

So it’s fitting that HBO choose the show’s scariest enemy to be on the poster for what will undoubtedly be the scariest season yet. We can’t wait to see this all go down starting July 16th.