game of thrones
Credit: HBO

Since accompanying her father to King’s Landing way back in Season 1 of Game of Thrones, Sansa Stark has had a rough go of it — held captive in King’s Landing after being forced to watch her father’s execution, being married against her will twice (most recently to the murdering rapist Ramsay Bolton), and finding Littlefinger always lingering a *little* to close.

But, since reuniting with her brother Jon Snow — remember, these guys know nothing about R+L=J — Sansa has continued to be underestimated by Jon, Littlefinger, and literally everyone else on the show.

But according to Sophie Turner, Sansa may be the smartest player of them all.

Credit: HBO

After promising to lead House Stark together in the Season 6 finale, the Season 7 premiere found the reunited siblings at odds with the other’s leadership style and bickering publicly, with Littlefinger smirking in the corner. We feared that Littlefinger’s constant attempts to manipulate Sansa were actually working, but Turner told fans at San Diego Comic-Con that Sansa may not be playing into the creepy Lord’s hand as much as viewers think.

Elaborating on Sansa’s experience in King’s Landing and with the Boltons, Turner added that she is nowhere near the person she was back in season one as her whole outlook on the world has changed. After going through six seasons worth of traumatic events, Sansa is now a more cautious person when it comes to trust, and that includes her brother.


Not gonna lie, seeing Sansa and Jon disagree like that is *very* stressful and we think they need to work things out for the sake of the North. Our hope is that they’re *actually* duping Littlefinger into thinking his master plan is working because honestly, it’s time for the little rat to be out maneuvered.

We can’t wait to see more of woke Sansa in action during the next six episodes of this season of Game of Thrones.