Meaghan Kirby
Updated October 23, 2017

With Game of Thrones filming its final six episodes — as of (allegedly) TODAY — there are a few things we know will inevitably happen during the final season:

We know that the Army of the Dead and (nearly all) the people of Westeros will duke it out in an epic battle. We also know the war between Cersei and everyone else will come to a head and someone (ahem, Cersei) will most likely die. And finally, we know that Jon Snow will *definitely* learn that he’s actually a Targaryen, and with that, he’ll discover that Daenerys Targaryen aka his new lover, is actually his aunt.

Now, we’re not entirely sure how he’ll take the news, but after watching Jon Snow for seven seasons, we can only guess that the answer is not well.

However, Kit Harington, who plays the infamously naive “bastard,” has a different reaction in mind for the inevitable Jon Snow — aka Aegon Targaryen but no thanks — reveal. In a new interview with The Guardian, Harington joked that he wanted, for just one take, Jon to have a very casual reaction to the news.

We hate to break it to Kit, but despite spending six seasons at The Wall, Jon Snow has zero chill.

We’ll most likely watch Jon have a total meltdown as he tries to figure out exactly how he got to where he is. Maybe, after all these truth bombs, he’ll find himself at the Winterfell Heart Tree and wistfully say to himself, “You know nothing, Jon Snow” as he think about the cave with Ygritte, who was *definitely* not his aunt.

But Kit, for your sake, we hope Jon can feel pretty cool about incest for a take or two. Game of Thrones will most likely return in 2019 so we have one full year to gather boxes of tissues like Cersei pulling together an army.