Anna Buckley
Updated August 29, 2017

Hi there. Spoilers are coming. Spoilers are here. If you haven’t watched the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale, why are you reading this, and not on your couch catching up? Consider yourself warned.

Now that is out of the way, let’s get controversial. Yesterday, the internet was ripe with whinging about how Dany and Jon’s long-awaited sex scene on Game of Thrones was, “not sexy enough,” boring, too short, etc. I am here to tell you that you’re all looking at it from the wrong angle.

First of all, yes, sex scenes in Game of Thrones are notoriously over the top and no holds barred, which is why many people were confused as to why The Dragon and The Wolf’s romp was so tame. It mainly consisted of them staring deep into each other’s eyes.

Argument #1? Intimacies can be used as nuanced techniques in storytelling. Remember way back to the first season when Bran climbed a tower and saw (and heard) Cersei and Jaime going AT it? I won’t get graphic, but it was far, ahem, rougher when compared to a scene like Dany and Jon’s. I can only assume that the writers wanted this scene to be graphic and eyebrow-raising, which would heighten the shock of the incest.

Meanwhile, with Jon and Dany, these are two people who have grown to respect each other deeply, have saved each other’s lives (well, one of them has at least), and have come together to fight the noblest cause in their universe. Why shouldn’t their first intimate moment be focused predominantly on the emotion of it all, rather than the physicality?

Argument #2? Remember in Season 1, again, when Dany is being taught how to, you know, really satisfy Khal Drogo? Her handmaid tells her that it’s all in the eyes. Here’s a GIF of when she tested out this theory for the first time, in case you forgot.

And what did Jon and Dany’s scene consist of? STEAMY, SULTRY, STARE-INTO-YOUR-SOUL EYE CONTACT. If that’s not hot and emotionally stirring, I don’t know what you people want from them.

Argument #3? How can we say they DIDN’T get down and dirty after the brief scene we saw? Honestly, admit that now that you have that minuscule moment of intimacy between our two favorite heroes, you’re DYING for Season 8 to show you more of their relationship. (Even though, not-so-spoiling spoiler alert, they’re about to find out they’re related AF.)

So really, people, play that scene back and tell me you don’t find it fitting. I’ll be here waiting for someone to stare at me the way Jon stares at Dany like she’s the future ruler of The Seven Kingdoms and his whole damn heart.

P.S. Stop judging Jon for his lack of body hair. It’s rude.