Rachel Paige
April 07, 2017 12:18 pm

HBO just released a brand new teaser…for HBO. The network is celebrating “what connects us,” which for HBO, is that static-noise that starts off all HBO original programming. If you’ve binged every episode of Game of Thrones (or Girls, or Sex and the City, or Westworld, or Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, or Veep…) you’ve heard this sound a BUNCH of times.

Now, HBO has implemented some “corporate bullying” to politely force their biggest stars into making this static noise. TBH, the video is actually pretty hilarious:

John Oliver points out the obvious, and states that no one really wants to be there saying “ahhhhh” but somehow, HBO has roped the whole Game of Thrones cast into it. Everyone appears to show up in their Season 7 garb — considering we see Tyrion and Missandei both sporting Hand of the Queen broches, way to go guys — so this is very exciting.

There are two characters here who raise eyebrows. One, The Hound. Mostly because, The Hound, lol.

The other is none other that HODOR.

Kristian Nairn shows up in full Hodor costume (and no, he doesn’t make the “ahhh” sound, he just goes “Hordor” and that sound you hear is us crying). But also, Hodor shows up. In what is undeniably a promo for Game of Thrones Season 7. And last we checked, well, Hodor was dead 😭.


It’s entirely understandable if HBO just called up Kristian and was like “hey do you wanna come in and put on the Hodor costume for maybe an hour or do so we can shoot this promo where you just go ‘ahhhh’ and the fans will love it?” Like, that’s a thing that might have happened.

Or even better, HBO is hinting that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Hodor. We’re not entirely sure what happened to him after he was attacked by the white walkers at the Weirwood. He could have survived. He could be a white walker now! Or Kristian, and Hodor, and HBO are all messing with us!

Either way, our heart hurts.