Rachel Paige
June 21, 2016 12:02 pm

In case you hadn’t noticed over the last six seasons, Game of Thrones loves to do little callbacks to prior moments and episodes. Later scenes are inspired by earlier ones, and dialogue is recycled between characters — all in good measure, to show us how completely circular this series is.

During Sunday’s episode, “The Battle of the Bastards,” there was one tiny (big) callback to a prior episode, and character, that you might have completely missed. This moment will wreck you, so pause for a brief moment to go and collect some tissues because it’s time to talk about Hodor.

YES. OUR HODOR. Hodor “hold the door” Hodor. He died doing what he did best, protecting Bran Stark while also holding the door. While the episode, “The Door” is the last we’ll see of this gentle half-giant, he’ll never be forgotten. Especially not in the Game of Thrones world, when there’s the opportunity to pay a little homage to him.

To refresh, here’s Hodor’s last scene, where he holds the door:


See anything like that during “Battle of the Bastards?” How about the reverse of this scene? How about someone breaking down a door? How about a giant breaking down a door in order to save a Stark boy?

For those paying close attention, you might have picked up on the fact that our dearly departed Wun Wun didn’t hold the door, instead he smashed it down. For those who didn’t pick up on it and are just noticing this now, it’s okay to cry a little bit.


How’s that for a full circle?

RIP, our two favorite giants. Gone, but never forgotten.