Meaghan Kirby
Updated Sep 11, 2017 @ 1:08 pm
game of thrones
Credit: HBO

After seven seasons of being one of the most violent and risk-taking show on television, it takes a lot to shock Game of Thrones fans. Having witnessed brutal massacres, characters losing various appendages, and even the birth of a smoke monster baby, we didn’t think we would ever be phased by *anything* on the series again — that is, until that greyscale scene.

In the Season 7 premiere, we got a brief glimpse of the greyscale riddled Ser Jorah Mormont in a Citadel cell via chambermaid maester-in-training, Samwell Tarly. But it wasn’t until Jorah was condemned to death by Maester Ebrose (and feeling pretty mopey about his status as a maester) that Sam decided to take matters into his own hands, and go all Grey’s Anatomy (dramatic monologues included).

Let’s face it, it was fairly obvious that after six seasons, an incurable and deadly disease wasn’t going to be the way warrior Jorah the Andal met his end. But, even we weren’t prepared for the scene the GoT guys had in store for us. During the behind the scenes series The Game Revealed, we got a full look at the making of the dead skin, pus oozing prosthetics.

This season of Game of Thrones was full of so many memorable moments but we have to say watching Sam cut off Jorah’s dead greyscale skin as pus oozed out of the injured skin below (cut to a Chicken Pot Pie-eqsue dish in the North) was one of the first scenes of the season to really stick with us. In the clip, prosthetics designer Barrie Gower described how the makeup team created the various layers of Jorah’s damaged skin.

Gower added that a team of four makeup artists applied the greyscale to Iain Glen’s body. But for his part, being the greyscale-riddled disgraced knight wasn’t easy. Glenn revealed that he spent a grueling amount of time in the makeup chair to to get the deadly disease applied to his skin. He said, “My call…I was picked up at the hotel at quarter to two in the morning, and it was five or six hours to get the full top-body prosthetic done.”

Seriously, it’s pretty impressive. Luckily, Sam was able to cure Jorah of greyscale and the knight returned to his rightful place as the head of House Friendzone. Season seven ended with Sam newly arrived in Winterfell and Jorah well on his way (with new IT couple Dany and Jon) so hopefully in season eight, the two will have a nice reunion — without any scalpels.