There are spoilers ahead for the Game of Thrones finale, “The Dragon and the Wolf,” and blah blah blah, you know this already. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, COME ON.

Let me cut right to the chase, because who we’re talking about might be *so fast* we’ve gotta run to catch up with him. The final episode of the season saw our friends in Westeros travel to King’s Landing, and then Winterfell, and then off to the Wall. While we saw many familiar faces — and witnessed many heartfelt reunions — one quick question: Where the fuck was Gendry?

Wow, sorry for swearing. But seriously. Where the hell is he? Gendry was MIA for four seasons, and only just reappeared. Ser Davos found him hanging out in King’s Landing, and we should have checked there so long ago. Gendry immediately joined up with Jon Snow on his Death Quest Beyond the Wall That is Surely Going to End In Someone’s Death™ and guess what? It did! But it wasn’t Gendry’s death, as Jon told him to run as fast as he possibly could back to Eastwatch, so they could send a raven down to Dany, so Dany could come and save them all.

Credit: HBO

Jon Snow really needs to work on fully formulating his quests before he sets off on them, but that’s neither here nor there. You know what else is neither here nor there? GENDRY.

Credit: HBO

Last we saw him, he had arrived back at Eastwatch, 100% exhausted and on the verge of hypothermia, probably.

Credit: HBO

So………..where is he now? He was not with everyone else at the dragon pit in King’s Landing, and we did not see him on the S.S. #SexBoat. He could be on the ship, but currently, I cannot confirm his whereabouts. More than likely, he’s still at Eastwatch, and that is BAD NEWS FOR EVERYONE. You know, because Viserion kinda destroys that part of the Wall, which also just happens to be the exact spot where Gendry was probably recovering from running the Beyond the Wall 10k.

Considering we do not know if Tormond survived the Wall collapse, who knows what happened to Gendry. He could be alive, or we could find him in the wall rubble next season. And my gosh, that would be the cruelest thing Game of Thrones has ever done — bring back a long-lost character, just to make them run an absurd length, only to have them die in a snowbank.