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Game of Thrones is HUGE in every sense of the world. From the world that’s been created within the show, to simply the sense that everyone is always talking about it, it’s a force to be reckoned with. Currently, for Season 6 it averages just shy of eight million viewers for each episode — and that’s not including how many people watch it at a later date on HBO Go (or illegally stream it, BUT DON’T ILLEGALLY STREAM IT!!).

Now just how much money does it cost to become the biggest television sensation on the planet? PRICELESS! JK.

It costs about $10 million.

An episode. $10 million AN EPISODE. Roughly $100 million for an entire season, give or take a few dollars.

With the upcoming “Battle of the Bastards” — which is already being toted as the most expensive Game of Thrones episode to date, well above the $10 million dollar mark — it’s worth noting that everything about this show is expensive. Think about the fact that the show is filmed on multiple locations (and very rarely utilizes a sound stage with a green screen), and on top of that they need costumes, horses, impressive battle armor for Jaime and Brienne, someone to teach Maisie Williams how to fight like a badass girl, a stunt double (or two) for Williams, the costs to actually pay the actors who make upwards of $160,000 an episode, so many boats, and we can’t forget the DRAGONS.

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Everything quickly adds up.

Game of Thrones wasn’t always this expensive. When the show first started it was right around $6 million per episode, but since then everything has expanded in size (and also the dragons are bigger now, too).

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The show – and the dragons — show now signs of slowing down anytime soon. Might Season 7 push the $15 million mark? $20? The cost of bringing us OMG/crying hysterically TV is, tbh, priceless.