C. Molly Smith
Updated Sep 01, 2017 @ 11:47 am

Game of Thrones fans have long waited for the rumored Cleganebowl, the epic face-off between brothers Sandor “The Hound” Clegane and Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane. And while it does now look like it’s going to happen, things might be much more complicated than they originally seemed.

At the meeting in King’s Landing, the Hound tells the Mountain, “You know who’s coming for you.”

As Reddit user 440k suggests, that line could go much deeper than any sort of Cleganebowl shit talking. Rather, that line could help us further understand A) the Hound’s abilities to see the future in fire, and B) the real reason why there’s animosity between the brothers.

“Earlier this season we saw the Hound look into the flames and see a vision more precise and accurate than any Melisandre ever read. This scene made me wonder how he could be so good at that on a first attempt…I believe that was not his first time reading fire,” 440k writes.

That in mind, 440k thinks that the Mountain didn’t push the Hound’s face into a fire when they were kids because he used one of his brother’s toys without permission — though, that would be within character. Instead, 440k believes the Hound’s abilities could have been the cause of the violence.

If true, 440k believes that all could explain the Hound’s natural abilities, why he could say (with confidence) that he knows who’s coming for the Mountain, and what ticked the Mountain off enough to hurt his brother in such a serious way.

But this theory doesn’t explain what the Hound saw, and that’s where another theory comes in.

Redditor TheGaelicBeagle believes that Arya — YES, ARYA — could be “what’s coming.”

TheGaelicBeagle doesn’t think Arya will be involved in the fight against the Night King. Seeing as she’s an assassin, her skills are less suited to the battlefield and more suited to, say, heading south to cross more names off her list. And in the south, she could feasibly encounter and defeat the Mountain.

Another user, Adnannicetomeetyou, suggested that it’s possible that the Hound and Arya could head to south together and cross the Mountain and Cersei off their respective lists.

Wouldn’t that be something? And wouldn’t that seriously change the nature of Cleganebowl?! Like, it might not happen at all if this Arya theory ends up being true…

Just a little something to ponder over while we wait for what feels like forever for Game of Thrones Season 8.