game of thrones
Credit: HBO

Remember Robert Baratheon on Game of Thrones? He’s been dead on the show for a while now, but the series began during his reign (Then Cersei, his wife, basically arranged his “accidental” death). Well, a different Game of Thrones actor nearly played King Robert, and it’s definitely a big surprise.

Actor Mark Addy played King Robert Baratheon, who died way back in season one. However, another actor in the series almost played the character — and it’s kind of surprising. Conleth Hill, who now plays Varys, was also up for the role.

Varies is just *such* a different character than King Robert. We wouldn’t expect the show’s creators to consider the same actor for both roles. But, Hill actually lucked out: Varys is still on the show. Also, Varys is often a voice of reason on the show, so he’s someone we like to root for.

Of course, there were some drawbacks.

Despite having to shave his head, and not getting to play a king, it seems to have worked out for Hill. After all, Varys still has a large role in Game of Thrones. We don’t know what’s in store for his character next season, of course — but we’re hoping it’s better than King Robert’s death-by-boar, at least.