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As if we weren’t already dying of anticipation so far in advance, three Game of Thrones cast members recently posed together for an Instagram, and now we’re basically rabid for the next season.

Emilia Clarke, aka Dany, shared a selfie alongside Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm) and Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei), and it’s toooooooo good.

First of all, are these not some of the best-looking people on the planet? Seriously, those are some RIDICULOUSLY good-looking faces, even when they’re making silly faces. We don’t look nearly that good when we’re dressed for a formal occasion, and, like, professionally lit and photographed by an award-winning photographer. (Probably — we don’t know for sure as these circumstances have never occurred.)

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We’ve seen some stellar Instagrams from the Mereen crew before, including an excellent shot of Dany, Grey Worm, and Missandei working out in costume. And we FULLY support the Game of Thrones cast sharing every minute of their behind-the-scenes excellence with us, so we can live vicariously through social media. (We also love Jacob Anderson being silly and adorable. Swooooon city, population: us.)

Anyway, all of these peeks behind the curtain are great, but what we reeeeally need is more Game of Thrones in our eyeballs right this very second, so maybe we should actually be encouraging the cast to steer clear of Instagram, just to speed things up…

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