brienne love love love
Credit: HBO/HelloGiggles
brienne love love love
Credit: HBO/HelloGiggles

Brienne and Tormund, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…until Jaime comes along and pushes Tormund out of the way? Too much? Or something Jaime would totally do for the woman he loves?

The woman he loves, we know, is Cersei. Who also happens to be his sister. It’s weird, let’s admit that. Even though his heart belongs to another, it’s obvious that there’s ~something~ going in between him and Brienne. Even Nikolaj Coster-Waldau knows it. Spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones.

This past episode, “No One,” saw Jaime and Brienne reunited for the first time since Season 4. Their meeting was far from this: 😍😍😍

It was more this: ⚔

Both have their orders — Jaime needs to take control of Riverrun, while Brienne is there to convince the Black Fish to send troops to help Sansa in the North — and these orders are exact opposites. This leads to a semi-heated moment between these two former travel buddies, both which basically say that they’ll do whatever it take to carry out their task.

And obviously [Brienne will] kill [Jaime] in an instant,” Coster-Waldau jokes to TVLine in a new interview. While discussing this latest meeting of two great knights, Coster-Waldau also hints that there’s a lot going on underneath their armor.

The whole thing of being honorable, being trustworthy when it comes to the people they love or the people they’ve promised to protect, they’re each other’s equal that way,” Coster-Waldau explains, “I’m not even sure that they would ever allow themselves to go to that place. There’s no question you see that in this scene: There is more between them.

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[The Podrick and Bronn scene outside] feeds the subtext of the scene… because clearly there is something going on between Jaime and Brienne, and clearly it’s something they can’t act on. Maybe in a very secret moment. But they would never verbalize it.

We see it non-verbalized a little bit later, when Brienne and Podrick escape Riverrun in a boat. Jaime sees them fleeing, but rather than calling guards to go after them, he gives a little wave.

Credit: HBO/HelloGiggles

It’s clear, even though they’re on opposing sides, the two care about the other deeply. But is it enough to put a wedge between the Brienne and Tormund ‘ship we’ve charted for a pleasure cruise and currently sailing around the Dothraki sea?

JK, I know the Dorhaki Sea is actually a desert, but you know what I mean.

There hasn’t actually been a ~love triangle~ on Game of Thrones yet, and this might be our first. Will Brienne ever actually admit that she’s flustered by the way Torumund sexily eats some bread? Will she hold out hope that her equal will stop being in love with his sister?

Ok, but real talk. Brienne doesn’t actually need any man in her life, because she is a STRONG, POWERFUL, FIERCE WARRIOR WOMAN WHO CAN, AND CERTAINLY HAS, DESTROYED EVERYONE IN HER WAY. She can do and date whoever she wants, YOU DO YOU, BRIENNE.