Rachel Paige
August 28, 2017 11:30 am

There are spoilers ahead for the Game of Thrones season finale, “The Dragon and the Wolf.” But seeing as how you, a human, are on the internet right now, it’s safe to assume you’ve already seen what happens — and if not, it is your fault for being on the internet.

There were many, many moments to celebrate during the finale, like Jaime finally leaving Cersei, and Sansa and Arya taking matters into their own hands at Winterfell. And then there was the scene on the S.S. #BoatSex, which saw Dany and Jon finally do something about their feelings for one another, in the form of SEX.

It was awkward, because their tender moment was undercut with narration from Bran, who back in Winterfell explained to Sam that Dany and Jon are actually related.


However, that’s not the definition of awkward when it comes to this episode. The real awkward moment came when the camera panned back to reveal that Tyrion has actually been watching this scene from the shadows.


That’s not…that’s not weird at all, huh?

It’d be one thing if he just happened to be passing by Dany’s door, and saw the two of them just as they disappeared out of view. But no. He’s purposely hanging back, away from them, watching their love begin to unfurl. It’s…odd.

There are a few justifiable reasons as to why Tyrion is pulling a Littlefinger (To pull a Littlefinger: to hide out in the shadows, creepy AF). There’s the idea that maybe he has feelings for Dany himself, but that doesn’t feel like Tyrion. He knows that there’s something between Dany and Jon, and it wouldn’t be like him to suddenly declare his own feelings for the Queen. That’d be out of character.

So why does he look so solemn and sad? This past season he and Dany have spent a lot of time talking about lineage and succession, and though he never stated it, it sure seemed like Tyrion wanted to be named heir after Dany. If she and Jon have kids, there goes any claim Tyrion ever had.

On top of that, we’ve seen what ~LUV~ can do to characters on Game of Thrones. It’s possible that Tyrion is simply looking out for the sake of everyone, and knows that feelings can get in the way of battle. Like, if Dany didn’t have feelings for Jon, she probably wouldn’t have taken her dragons beyond the Wall to save him — and that’s a quest that almost got her killed, and Tyrion knows it.

OR MAYBE TYRION KNOWS THEY ARE RELATED, AND WAS JUST LIKE, “I can’t put myself in another incestual relationship, pass.”

Who knows? We know one thing, though, and it’s that Tyrion creeping around corners will stay with us until Game of Thrones returns for Season 8.