Rachel Paige
Updated Jun 08, 2016 @ 5:15 pm
Credit: YouTube

You know that Cersei is SUCH a Jenna Maroney. Always demanding that all the attention be on her all of the time. Now those two worlds are actually colliding in the best Game of Thrones/30 Rock mashup we’re ever going to see.

A new YouTube video from Practical Folks has given our favorite debt-paying Game of Thrones family, the Lannisters, the 30 Rock treatment. Here we’ve got the gloriously renamed “30 Casterly Rock,” a half-hour NBC sitcom we would 100% watch if anyone is asking. Gone are Liz, Jenna, and Jack, they’ve been replaced by Cersei, Jamie, and Cersei. But with Cersei being Jenna, Tyrion is totally Liz, making Jaime Jack. Or at least that’s how I picture it.

As Practical Folks also points out, it’s truly a shot-for-shot remake of the OG 30 Rock credits. We didn’t realize how much we needed this in our lives until right this second.

And if you’re wondering how 30 Rock feels about being in Westeros, they were actually making Game of Thrones references before we were all obsessed with Game of Thrones. So…Liz is probably all on board with this. Somebody get her some ham.

Credit: NBC