Heather Mason
September 04, 2017 3:54 pm

Game of Thrones Season 7 is over and now millions of fans are struggling to fill the dragon-sized holes in their hearts. Luckily, there are plenty of other shows out there that will give you the Game of Thrones feels in some way. And hopefully, they’ll hold you over until Game of Thrones comes back for its eighth and final season.

With that, here are 11 shows to start:


Courtesy of Adrian Rogers / Mammoth Screen for BBC and MASTERPIECE

Poldark tells the story of Captain Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) when he returns from the Revolutionary War. It’s got stunning scenery, romance, and period costumes. Let’s not forget the shirtless, long-haired men that will probably remind you of Jon Snow. It’s not as violent or intense as Game of Thrones, but there’s still a lot of overlap. And thus, it’s a perfect post-Thrones show to binge.

2All My Children


Stay with us here! There are a bunch of families who have been around forever and just want to control the town they live in through schemes, romance, family, and dramatic revelations. Game of Thrones is essentially a soap opera. So, in some ways, it’s like All My Children — but with dragons.

3The Walking Dead


There’s an obvious connection between Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead: zombies! But, there are also themes of survival and working together to reach a common goal. Oh, and it gets pretty bloody and gory. And there are some intense bad guys too — just what a Thrones fan will enjoy.

4Breaking Bad


In some ways, Game of Thrones is about the lengths people go to for their family. The same goes for Breaking Bad. Walt (Bryan Cranston) goes to terrible lengths in order to protect his family — just like Cersei claims to do for House Lannister. Not to mention, they both hurt a lot of people along the way.

5Top of the Lake


Top of the Lake is a dark, crime show starring Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale). It’s much quieter than Game of Thrones (there are no battles!), but it features stunning views of New Zealand. The show takes place in a small town where there’s plenty of drama and family loyalties that Game of Thrones fans will certainly appreciate. Plus, Gwendoline Christie (you know, Brienne of Tarth!) appears in Season 2.

6The 100

The CW

The 100 centers on teens dropped into a difficult situation, where they must build their own loyalties and figure out how to survive. Sound familiar? On Game of Thrones, the Stark kids face many of the same difficulties as the teens in The 100. Plus, there’s some romance and fighting as well.



You’ve watched your fair share of incest on Game of Thrones. Now, maybe it’s time to move onto cannibalism. Hannibal is another beautiful show that slowly makes you forget just how unacceptable some practices are — like, um, eating human beings. Hannibal has some of the most violent and stunning deaths of any show. So if you’re looking for a bloody, but classy, Game of Thrones replacement, Hannibal is the show for you.

8Rick and Morty

Adult Swim

You might be wondering just how Rick and Morty got on this list, but the animated show has more in common with Game of Thrones than you’d imagine at first glance. First of all, there are a bunch of fan theories on Reddit. Like, SO MANY, just like Game of Thrones. Not to mention, the show is pretty violent and a lot of people die. So yeah, it does have a lot in common with GoT.

9Penny Dreadful


Penny Dreadful brings the stories of all of your favorite monsters to life in Victorian London. This psychological thriller is violent, gory, and super dark. Plus, there are stunning costumes to keep you feeling like you’re in the terrifying world. Game of Thrones fans will love the dark vibe… and blood.

10Stranger Things


Take a trip to Hawkins with Stranger Things — a supernatural show full of surprises and monsters. Plus, there are a ton of fan theories about what’s really going on. And, there’s a young girl taking the town by storm. Arya and Eleven would be besties for sure.


The CW

If you need something to watch while waiting for Game of Thrones to return, Supernatural will keep you busy for a while. There are 12 whole seasons to binge! If you noticed the pretty impossible distances being traveled on Game of Thrones recently, you’ll notice the same phenomenon on Supernatural. And there’s magic!