maisie williams ed sheeran game of thrones
Credit: Helen Sloan / Courtesy of HBO

We won’t be getting more episodes of Game of Thrones for *quite* a while, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your favorite characters this Halloween. And while we’re sure there’ll be plenty of Jon and Dany’s (and Tormund and Brienne’s!) running around, we’ve got some ideas for other Game of Thrones couples you might’ve forgotten about that would make for some steller costumes. Just remember to dress warm, because winter is coming.

1Sam and the Poop Emoji

Credit: Helen Sloan / Courtesy of HBO

Sam had a rough life at the Citadel. He not only had to haul books and was forbidden from the very best part of the library, but he also had to take care of some very smelly duties — pun intended. An extremely graphic montage in the Season 7 premiere showed Sam cleaning the, um, waste of the patients of the Citadel and clearly, he’d done that many times. So show you’re not squeamish by dressing like Sam and his reluctant friend Poop this Halloween.

2Gendry and his Rowboat

Credit: HBO

Way back in Season 3, Davos sent Robert Baratheon’s bastard son Gendry with a rowboat down to King’s Landing. And then, we didn’t see him again…for three whole seasons. The assumption was he probably made it to King’s Landing, but some fans also imagined him rowing around the sea for the entire time until we saw him again in Season 7. (He did certainly gain some muscles while he was offscreen!) So be funny and heartwarming this Halloween, and dress as this dynamic duo.

3Jorah and his Broken Heart

Credit: Macall B. Polay / Courtesy of HBO

Jorah Mormont has been crushing hard on Daenerys basically since they met. And even though she cherishes his loyalty, protection, and guidance, it’s clear that a romantic connection isn’t happening. Even though the two had a touching reunion in Season 7, Dany is with Jon (for now) and Jorah will just have to hold onto his broken heart a bit longer. So get a little sad this holiday and dress up as that depressing pair.

4Arya and Ed Sheeran’s Lannister Soldier

maisie williams ed sheeran game of thrones
Credit: Helen Sloan / Courtesy of HBO

Arya Stark has spent most of Game of Thrones running around trying to not get killed — or learning how to kill. But finally, in Season 7, she had a moment to take a break by a fire and befriend Ed Sheeran, who made a cameo on the show. These two are pretty adorable and while it was just one scene, we think they’d make the perfect low-key Game of Thrones Halloween costume.

5Littlefinger and a Ladder (of Chaos)

Credit: Helen Sloan / Courtesy of HBO

Now that Littlefinger is dead, we can take some time to appreciate his more nuanced moments. Okay, moment over. We still think he’s The Worst, but he was also one of the most interesting characters on Game of Thrones. So why not celebrate the ending of Littlefinger with one of his most memorable lines of the show: “Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder.” This line came back to haunt him just before he died in Season 7 so it only seems fitting to bring the two together for Halloween.

6Tormund and The Wall

Credit: Helen Sloan / Courtesy of HBO

We all know Tormund belongs with Brienne but at the end of Season 7, his future was unknown. The assumption (and prayer) from fans is that he survived the collapse of The Wall in the season finale. So this Halloween, send your good thoughts to Tormund by dressing as him and The Wall — then having him survive the attack.

7The Night King and Viserion

Credit: Photo courtesy of HBO

It was heartbreaking to watch the Night King resurrect Viserion in Season 7 of Game of Thrones, but it was also terrifying — which is part of what makes this duo the perfect couples costume. They’ll be together for eternity (or, will they???) and let’s be honest, they’ve both got those piercing blue eyes. Yes, they’re evil, but that’s kind of fun for Halloween.

8Hot Pie and Pie

Credit: Helen Sloan / Courtesy of HBO

Hot Pie is another character who we hadn’t seen in a bit (Season 4), but luckily he’s still serving up some delicious pie — along with some filling gossip. Had he not told Arya about Jon’s return to Winterfell in Season 7, we might’ve had an entirely different set of circumstances. So this Halloween, celebrate Hot Pie and his pie. He deserves it.

9Euron Greyjoy and his Guyliner

Credit: Macall B. Polay / Courtesy of HBO

The moment Euron Greyjoy turned up in Westeros, he was The Worst (giving Littlefinger competition!). In addition to killing people left and right, he also turned on his own family. Plus, he looks like he just stopped by to kidnap you on his way to a My Chemical Romance concert. Euron and his guyliner are the perfect Halloween costume because they truly are horrifying.

10The Hound and The Mountain

Credit: HBO

If you’re looking for emotionally confusing yet scary Halloween costumes, The Hound and The Mountain have you covered. In Season 7, the brothers reunited..sorta. They likely each assumed the other was dead so this reunion was especially satisfying. Although…it wasn’t as loving as one might’ve hoped. (In fact, there’s a fan theory these two brothers will ultimately fight to the death in #CLEGANEBOWL) So depending on the current status of your relationship, this could be the perfect couples costume for you.

11Lady Olenna Tyrell and her Sass

Credit: HBO

Lady Olenna Tyrell has committed her fair share of sins since she appeared on the scene in Season 3. But the moment she told Jaime Lannister in Season 7 that she had actually been the one to poison King Joffrey, she became the sassy hero we all needed. Did we mention that she told Jaime AS SHE WAS DYING, because she just wanted Cersei to know it was her? Lady Olenna Tyrell and her attitude were much-needed on Game of Thrones, so what better way to pay homage than by making that your Halloween costume?