gilmore girls
Credit: Warner Bros.

In Lorelai and Rory Gilmore’s quest to consume absolutely everything in our lives, they’ve conquered television, clothing, nail polish, and soap. But you know one thing that doesn’t exist yet? Gilmore Girls action figures.

WELL JUST HOLD ON ONE SEC, because that’s about to change.

In one simple tweet last week. Funko announced that they are in the process of creating Gilmore Girls Pop!s, and seriously, just take our credit card numbers right now and send us everything.

We reached out to Funko for more information about these upcoming Pop!s, and while they’re not ready to reveal them to the world just yet, they did confirm that this is not a dream: Gilmore Girls Pop!s are happening, and happening soon.

Obviously, you’ll be able to get your hands on Lorelai and Rory (DUH), and hopefully Luke and Sookie, too. An Emily would be nice as well, so then she can just always sit on a shelf and silently judge you from a far (and we’re okay with that).

But now the big question: Will Dean, Jess, and Logan Pop!s be released? Certainly if one is released, all three have to be released — and we should be able to buy them as a set, so they’re forced to come together. Then it can be like a choose-your-own-Team with who Rory gets to stand next to.

Keep your eyes peeled for a release of more Gilmore Girls Funko information, and we’ll let you know the second we hear anything else. Start saving your money, because you’re about to drop a lot of them for Pop!s.

Credit: Funko, Jason LaVeris/Getty Images, Walter McBride/Getty Images

(No, these aren’t the real Pop!s, just a very scary photoshop of what they MIGHT look like – and we borrowed the bodies of Once Upon A Time’s Emma Swan and Arrow’s Felicity Smoak to demonstrate)