Collecting Game of Thrones paraphernalia is the only thing more fun than scouring fan theories while we patiently wait for the hit HBO show to return. And now, we’ll be able to update all our Game of ThronesFunkos with brand new collectibles that reflect the most up-to-date happenings of the show.

Fans of the show know that you can already get some awesome Funko figurines of your favorite characters. But, just as they are in the show itself, those characters are constantly changing and evolving. So, if you want to update your long-haired Cersei to the short-haired queen she currently is, you can do that.

Instead of putting old Cersei on the Iron Throne like this…

You can get her in all her terrifying crowned glory with this figurine.

Credit: Funko

Of course, Cersei can conjure up mixed feelings. But thankfully, there are some more universally beloved characters who you can now keep around in figurine form. The brave giant Wun Wun will soon be available for purchase, and he’s appropriately larger than the other Funkos. And, uh, complete with arrows.

Credit: Funko

If you already have a Brienne of Tarth action figure, you may want to snag the new Tormund Funko and live out all your #shipping dreams by setting the dolls side-by-side.

Credit: Funko

Funko will also feature new keychain figurines.

So if you really want your car keys guarded, you can keep them safe with the King in the North of the Keys.

Credit: Funko

Keep any and all of them, available this summer, for your own Westeros-style miniature kingdom! Or, give them away as gifts at your Season 7 premiere party that we’re sure you’re having, because we are too, on Sunday, July 16th.