Picture of Ross Halloween Costume
Credit: NBC

You can always count on Friends to have an episode (or 10!) themed around a holiday. Throughout the show’s 10 seasons, the cast celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, and, yes, Halloween.

In “The One with the Halloween Party,” Chandler and Monica throw a costume party, and everyone (well, most everyone—looking at you, Rachel) actually shows up in costume. So if you still need an idea for a Halloween costume, here’s what the Friends characters wore and how you can easily recreate their looks!

Monica’s Catwoman costume

Credit: NBC

Yes, girl, yes. If you’re doing the superhero theme this year (or, you know, you just want to dress like a black cat), THIS is the costume to copy. Simple, sexy, and oh-so chic.

Chandler’s pink bunny costume

Credit: NBC

Monica’s idea to get Chandler a Velveteen Rabbit costume backfired BIG time, but it made for plenty of laughs.

Get the Look: A Christmas Story Adult Bunny Costume, Rabbit Nose, a carrot for good measure

Phoebe’s Supergirl costume

Credit: NBC

Phoebe is the Supergirl to Monica’s Catwoman, and it’s such a fitting costume/matchup.

Get the Look: Adult Supergirl Costume, red ribbon

Ross’s Spud-nik costume

Picture of Ross Halloween Costume
Credit: NBC

If you ask Ross, his costume was a clever pun combining a potato with the Russian satellite Sputnik. But if you ask basically anybody else, he was dressed like, well, to use Joey’s word: doody.

Rachel’s new dress costume

Credit: NBC

Rachel got the costume memo, but she played the pregnant card and flat-out chose to ignore said memo. She says it best: “I am a woman who spent a lot of money on a dress and she wants to wear it, because soon she won’t be able to fit into it.” Word, girl.

Joey’s Chandler costume

Credit: NBC

Could Joey’s costume BE any funnier? At first it doesn’t seem like he’s wearing a costume at all, just regular clothes. So when he announces that he’s dressed like Chandler—and when he does his Chandler impression—it makes the joke that much more hilarious.

Eric’s solar system costume

Credit: NBC

DIY costumes aren’t dead, and this is decked out sweater is proof.

Get the Look: French Terry Knit Pullover in Black, assorted foam balls and paint for planets

Mona’s nurse costume

Credit: NBC

Mona is quick to correct Chandler: She’s not a slutty nurse, she’s just a nurse. Three cheers for Mona! Can’t a girl wear a costume without having the “s” word attached to it?!

Gunther’s Charlie Brown costume

Credit: NBC

Gunther is the living embodiment of Charlie Brown, so it only makes sense that he dresses like him on Halloween. Of course, Rachel is there to pull the proverbial football out from underneath his foot.