Throughout the 10 wonderful seasons of Friends, a few things were certain. Joey was always hungry, Monica hated any sort of mess, and Ross was probably distraught. Oh, and the crew could never turn down a cup of coffee.

Many, many cups of coffee, actually.

But how MUCH coffee did the Central Perk crew drink, you ask? Well, one brave Twitter user named Kit Lovelace actually tallied up every single cup each of the characters drank — and shared the truly staggering numbers.

Who knew Phoebe needed the biggest caffeine fix?!

Plus, for someone who actually worked at Central Perk, it’s pretty surprising that Rachel drank the lowest amount of coffee. Don’t you think Gunther would have thrown her many, many free refills?

BUT that’s not all. Lovelace also calculated how much each character must have spent on coffee over ten seasons. Not to mention, how much they all spent total, which rounds up to somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,077 total.


Probably the best part of all this is that Lovelace isn’t even a Friends fan. He told Huffington Post that he was mostly just surprised that no one had tried to figure out the coffee count before.

This all feels like a GREAT excuse for us to re-watch every single episode and check on Lovalace’s findings — you know, for the sake of accuracy.