Credit: Hulu

If it’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that people are *obsessed* with shows about zombies, mutants, monsters, and superpowers. It’s a worldwide phenomenon, really, and with the success of shows like The Walking Dead and American Horror Story to the wildly popular X-Men franchise (and many, many, more), it seems like people can’t get enough of the weird and mysterious lately.


And with Halloween right around the corner, Hulu’s newest show, Freakish, is sure to be ~the next big thing~ people are talking about because just watching this trailer gives us the creeps!

Freakish, which originates from AwesomenessTV, is about a group of teenagers who are forced to hide out in their high school after an explosion at a chemical plant rocks their town. When Walking Dead actor Chad L. Coleman says, “We are going to be safe no matter what happens; we can last for weeks in here if we have to,” he eerily foreshadows a series of unfortunate mutant events and from the looks of it, chances of surviving this whole fiasco are slim to none.

And while Coleman is pretty seasoned in the acting game, most of the cast is comprised of social media stars, including Hayes Grier, Chachi Gonzales, Leo Howard, and Adam Hicks.

You can stream all 10 episodes on Hulu on Monday, October 10th.