Kitty Lindsay
Updated July 30, 2017
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Move over, Martha Stewart. The first trailer for Amy Sedaris’s new homemaking how-to show, At Home with Amy Sedaris, is (FINALLY!) here and OMG, we are living for this delightful (albeit, slightly deranged) twist on domestic DIY!

The clip, which features series star Sedaris alongside special guest Jane Krakowski, gets weird real quick, with the two funny women bonding over the complexities of craft glue in a song that will have you wondering if glue sniffing played a part in the unusual ode’s creation.

P.S. Who the hell knew there were so many different types of glue?! See, we’re learning something new already!

Premiering October 24th on truTV, the 10-episode comedy series, co-crafted by Sedaris and longtime collaborator Paul Dinello, makes a meal out of traditional home and gardening shows (the kind that glue your grandma to the TV every Sunday morning), with each installment set on solving a classic cooking/crafting/housekeeping conundrum.

Like cooking for one…

…making an out-of-this-world cheeseball…

…creating eye-catching food presentations that will make your dinner guests say, “WOW!”

And Goddess knows what the hell this is all about, but we’re here for for it.

In promotion of the show, Sedaris told attendees of the Television Critics Association on Thursday she loves all things home-ec related, but specializes in making potholders and “ideas.” And though the set, composed almost entirely of Sedaris’s own household items, includes a hutch to house her pet rabbit, her bunny buddy sadly will not make an appearance this season. “We did not have rabbit money in the budget,” said Sedaris.

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Amy Sedaris!