Kitty Lindsay
April 22, 2017 11:40 am

We were beginning to think that the newest season House of Cards, the popular Netflix series starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as the ultimate power couple Frank and Claire Underwood, had gone the way of many of the Underwoods’ enemies: left for dead in a ditch somewhere, never to be heard from again. So imagine our relief when photos from House of Cards‘ forthcoming Season 5 hit the Internet this week, showing our modern-day Macbeths and their compatriots alive and well, toasting, campaigning, and no doubt stacking the deck in their individual favors.

As you’ll recall, Season 4 ended with POTUS Frank and First Lady Claire plotting to declare war on ISIS-like terrorist group ICO to distract the public from their dirty political dealings and dark, personal secrets.

If you think this sounds like a story ripped from today’s headlines, you are not alone. Creepy parallels between the show’s political plot points and our current Trumpian reality abound, but series showrunner Melissa James Gibson insists the likeness is purely coincidental. “Sure, the resonance sometimes feels eerie,” Gibson told Entertainment Weekly. “But Trump is an outsider who’s trying to blow up the system, and Francis is the opposite.”

You know what else is so not like Trump? Frank’s recognition and appreciation of powerful women. Case in point: last season’s reveal of FLOTUS Claire as Frank’s running mate in his upcoming presidential race. But only time will tell if Frank’s soulful Southern charm and skillful strategy and Claire’s intellectual prowess and power of persuasion will prove a winning combination in the series’ fictional White House — and whether a family that campaigns together, stays together.

Added executive producer Frank Pugilese, “The fun of the show is seeing how they negotiate their relationship.”

Deal. Us. In! House of Cards Season 5 debuts on Netflix May 3oth.