Sarah Terry
Updated Sep 15, 2016 @ 2:19 pm
Credit: HBO

What’s the coolest thing that a handsome knight from Game of Thrones could do to follow up the epic HBO drama? Become a Marvel superhero, of course! That’s what Finn Jones, who played the dashing Loras Tyrell on Game of Thrones has done, moving from the fantasy series onto Marvel’s new superhero series Iron Fist.

We’re used to seeing Finn Jones decked out in armor as Loras in Game of Thrones.

Credit: HBO

We loved his beautiful golden curls and that smile that could make you faint in a second. Of course, Loras struggled as a character, because he was gay in a world that did not accept him for who he was. He was also caught up in the political clash between the Tyrells and the High Sparrow, so he was held captive in terrible conditions.

Now, he’s playing a character with different troubles as Daniel Rand aka Iron Fist in Netflix’s upcoming Iron Fist.

Credit: Steve Sands / Getty

Finn plays Daniel Rand, who has been missing for years and is trying to reconnect with the world he used to know. He has been bestowed with the mystical powers of Iron Fist, so he has to cope with his past while fighting crime.

Finn and the cast were spotted filming in NYC, and can we just say, he looks smoking hot after getting caught in the rain.

Credit: Steve Sands / Getty

Finn stands here with his co-star Jessica Henwick, who was clearly in the midst of a kick ass sword fight.

Credit: Steve Sands / Getty

Jessica plays Colleen Wing, a martial arts expert who runs her own dojo. She’s one of Daniel’s friends once he returns to New York.

We can’t wait to see Finn play what we’re sure will be our new favorite hero.

And we’re really glad to see that Finn hasn’t totally lost his golden curls.

Credit: Steve Sands / Getty

He is looking totally swoon worthy in these pics, and we are so excited that he’s taking on badass new role.

These pictures look so awesome, we won’t be able to wait until the series is released.